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Solar-assisted hydronic central heating systems

Power Options NZ Ltd is a specialist supplier and installer of Latento solar thermal storage systems.

The German Latento concept is designed to maximise solar thermal gain for all hot water purposes including underfloor and radiator central heating systems.

It has been awarded the prestigious European "Blue Angel" award for energy efficiency.

To backup the superb energy efficiency of this system, we use wood pellet boilers; either Fuwi or HDG.

Wood pellet fuel is increasingly being used as a cost-effective evironmentally friendly and sustainable energy source.

Solar Electricity

Solar energy can be used to generate DC electricity with photovoltaic modules.

This energy can be directly connected to solar water pumping equipment or via storage batteries to DC appliances and lighting.

If an inverter is used, the stored electricity can power any 240V AC loads within acceptable wattages.

SMASMA Sunny Island & OutBack Power Systems inverter-chargers are used for these installations.

Some households already connected to the grid are installing solar modules on the roof.

A grid interactive inverter enables the power they produce to be supplied to the grid. 

Any power exported to the grid is credited off the total imported power.

SMA Sunny Boy inverters allow a PV array to be grid-interactive.  See SMA link

SMA Sunny Island inverter chargers are a recommended option for a larger standalone power system.

OutbackPower inverter chargers are a recommended option for a small to medium standalone power system. See Outback link.

Power Options NZ Ltd is a authorised installer of Calder Stewarts new SOLAR RIB roof which incorporates Unisolar PVL modules into the steel roof profile.

This roof profile is a recommended option for future proofing your new building for the installation of a grid interactive solar generating system now or in the future.

Become part of the solution to the worlds energy crises by installing your own distributed generation system.

Power Options N.Z. supply, install and recommend the use of these systems.

Solar Water Heating

The most cost-effective way of using solar energy.

New evacuated tube technology provides efficient heating of water even in cooler southern climates.

ApricusApricus systems are being used throughout the lower South Island and have proved to be a superior system, especially in frost prone areas. See Apricus link.

A 30-tube system would normally be installed to a domestic household, and can work in conjunction with wetback fires.

Power Options New Zealand is an authorised supplier and installer of Apricus Solar Hot Water systems. EECA accredited systems.

For larger residential or commercial installations we would recommend using the Latento solar thermal store with the Apricus systems.

These systems maximise solar gain for not only domestic hot water but also underfloor and or radiator central heating systems.



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