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Most of New Zealand's land area is exposed to more than adequate average wind speeds for good wind power generation.

We can measure your site's wind speeds, supply and install the latest in wind power technology. This intermittent supply is usually integrated with other generation methods e.g. photovoltaics

Proven battery storage and inverter technology is used to deliver continuous reliable electricity.

For a smaller wattage wind turbine we recommend the SouthWest WindPower AirX 400 watt. or 200 watt Air Breeze.

And for a larger wattage wind-turbine the Lakota 1000 watt.

Or  Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7  2.4 kW grid interactive or battery charging windturbine

Now available, new technology will enable grid-connected consumers with a suitable property to become a solution to the planets future energy crises with their own distributed generation site.

The Skystream 3.7 can be connected to the grid via your switchboard & meter box.
Any power it exports to the grid will be credited against your total power bill.

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